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Romantic Sex: 5 Steps to Make it Loud and Sexy When it comes to having romantic sex, it is all about setting an intimate atmosphere. With the right atmosphere, any couple can have passionate and loud romantic sex that will have them remembering their time together for years to come. Here are 5 steps that couples can follow to make their romantic sex extra loud and sexy. 1. Get In The Right Mindset: The first step to any successful romantic sex session is to get in the right frame of mind. Both partners should take some time to have a date night and talk about their feelings and desires for each other. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that provides an opportunity for playful and passionate exploration can really set the mood for a special night of loud and romantic sex. 2. Choose Your Sexy Location: Location can make or break romantic sex. Choose a location that you can both feel comfortable in, but which also provides some privacy to ensure you will not be startled by anyone. This could be anywhere, from your bedroom to a spotless beach with a beautiful sunset. 3. Set The Mood With Music: Music can be a great way to add atmosphere to any intimate situation. Play some of your favorite songs that remind you of romantic moments, as they can help create a special connection and atmosphere. As the music plays, you may find yourself more relaxed and in the mood for some sexy and loud romantic sex. 4. Position Yourself for Pleasure: Positioning and alternating positions throughout your romantic sex session is a great way to add variety and keep the pleasure rising. When in a comfortable position, you can focus on each other's pleasure and provide deep and inviting sensations. For an especially loud session, try positions that enable deeper penetration, as this will increase the intensity and the associated sound. 5. Use Props To Increase Intensity: The use of accessories and toys can be a great way to build levels of pleasure and make romantic sex more intense. Adding props such as blindfolds, feathers, lotions and massage oils can not only increase the level of fun and excitement, but also bring about an even louder session of sexy, romantic sex. Romantic sex is all about simply being in the moment and living in the pleasure of each other's touch. By following these 5 steps, couples can this make romantic sex even louder and sexier and experience a truly passionate and intimate time together.